v3.51 (30.11.2022)

PeerLab-database update (19 new applications, 603 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (1): Bitmessage
  • P2P (7): BeamFile, BeamFile, BitPump, FeyTorrents, GLT Poliane, Mezzmo, ZipTorrent
  • Instant Messaging (12): BeeNut Instant Messenger, Dragon IRC, Goldbug Secure Instant Messenger, HexChat, IceChat 7, MicroSIP, Raketu, Ricochet, Riot, Slack, Wambo, Wavago

v3.50 (23.08.2022)

  • changed: design reworked
  • changed: scanner reworked
  • changed: log-file made more readable
  • improved: stages of scanning display more precisely
  • added: dialog displayed after adding sources (images, local drives, removable media, etc.)
  • added: various text-labels
  • added: local drives can now also be scanned as physical drive
  • fixed: various text-labels
  • fixed: amount of messages was not always correct
  • fixed: scanning of local drives displayed correctly
  • fixed: crash when adding dozens and dozens of images

v3.44 (30.06.2022)

  • changed: internal parsing of file-systems

v3.43 (29.05.2022)

PeerLab-database update (4 new applications, 42 new application hash-values)
  • Instant Messaging (4): Threema, VentriloPro, Vypress Chat, Vypress Messenger

v3.42 (30.04.2022)

  • changed: minor changes, huge changes in the making!

v3.41 (31.03.2022)

  • changed: framework + minor changes

v3.40 (27.02.2022)

  • changed: scanner updated
  • added: icons for database-wizards

v3.30 (31.01.2022)

  • Scanner completely reworked!

v3.24 (27.12.2021)

PeerLab-database update (4 new applications, 214 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (1): Bitmessage
  • P2P (2): Super MP3 Download, WireShare
  • Usenet-Clients (1): NitroNews

v3.23 (09.11.2021)

PeerLab-database update (2 new applications, 160 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (2): Conferendo, Signal

v3.22 (24.10.2021)

  • PeerLab-database update (172 new application hash-values)

v3.21 (28.09.2021)

PeerLab-database update (3 new applications, 45 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (2): VidMasta, PPStream
  • Instant Messaging (1): Jandi

v3.20 (22.08.2021)

  • changed: terminology Webdisks changed to Cloud
  • added: metadata-folder for new cases

v3.10 (13.07.2021)

  • added: new splash-screen
  • enhanced: displaying of current progress while scanning
  • enhanced: information displayed in log-file (PeerLab.msg)
  • changed: EULA displayed as topmost window
  • fixed: case-properties fields were not updated correctly

PeerLab-database update (14 new applications, 1134 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (4): simpleBT (Bitcomet), Binfer, eMule Magic Angel, emule X-Ray
  • Instant Messaging (8): cliq, cacaoweb, Franz, Lifesize, Palringo, emesene, Ryver, Psi+
  • Cloud (2): RaiDrive, BaiduNetDisk

v3.02 (29.06.2021)

  • fixed: case-data fields were not updated correctly

PeerLab-database update (2 new applications, 29 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (1): FiletopiaFX
  • WebDisks (1): pCloud Drive

v3.01 (23.05.2021)

  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Greek
  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Swedish
  • fixed: some texts and spellings

v3.00 (19.04.2021)

  • changed: scanner improved massively: faster, more stable, more accurate
  • changed: messages will be moved to PeerLab.msg.old when there are more than 1000 messages
  • changed: dupes of found databases are now added to PeerLab-casefile by default
  • added: balloontips display which evidence is currently being processed
  • fixed: display-bug when false-positives were detected
  • fixed: under certain conditions the filesize was displayed as zero byte
  • fixed: size-limit for adding sources
  • fixed: percentage was not always shown correctly while extracting MFT-entries

v2.91 (27.03.2021)

  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Dutch
  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Polish

v2.90 (27.02.2021)

  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Italian
  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Russian
  • added: PeerLab-GUI in Spanish
  • added: PeerLab-GUI in French
  • changed: GUI (different icons and various changes)
  • changed: PeerLab requires administrator-rights by default
  • added: folder with evidence-items can be selected
  • improved: progress for $MFT-extraction is now displayed as percentage
  • fixed: some translations (ooVoo-wizard, etc.)
  • fixed: PeerLab sometimes crashed when approx. 1 million files were scanned
  • fixed: switching tabs does not resize to default resolution anymore
  • fixed: full path is added again during MFT scan
  • fixed: restarting after shutdown sometimes hanged

PeerLab-database update (26 new applications, 1884 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (7): baretorrent, EiskaltDC++, Envy, Hot MP3 Downloader, iKiwi, kMule, PeerProject
  • Instant Messaging (18): adiIRC, AnyDesk, BeeBEEP, Coccinella, Discord, G0ChatClient, Kadu, Kakaotalk, LAN Messenger, Line, Mattermost Desktop, mIRC, TeamViewer, Telegram for Desktop, Rocket.Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Zoom Cloud Meetings
  • WebDisks (1): Resilio Sync

v2.80 (16.01.2021)

  • added: notice-dialog after installation of imdisk
  • added: progress-bar while scanning
  • added: paths are displayed while logical scan
  • improved: deep search reliability
  • improved: mounting of e01-images more resilient
  • improved: user-interface optimized
  • improved: displaying of scanner-results optimized
  • changed: image-scanning button enabled by default
  • changed: various labels
  • changed: help-button moved to miscellaneous-tab
  • changed: deep search moved to case-properties
  • fixed: network-drives without physical access can be scanned correctly
  • fixed: adding a drive-letter as scan-folder performs a logical scan now
  • fixed: display-bug when scrolling displayed update-information
  • fixed: amount of found applications and databases were not always displayed
  • fixed: scanner displayed entries multiple times under certain circumstances
  • removed: debug-message was displayed in demo-version while checking for a new version

v2.70 (27.12.2020)

  • added: program and installer are digitally signed now
  • changed: various labels changed
  • fixed: missing labels when switching languages
  • fixed: display-bug in file-choosing dialogs

v2.60 (28.11.2020)

  • fixed: flickering of GUI reduced
  • fixed: eMule evaluation displayed an error-message is there was no last shared date
  • changed: GUI can be maximized
  • changed: GUI is not a topmost window anymore
  • changed: new installer
  • changed: installation to the program files folder by default

v2.50 (31.10.2020)

  • added: evaluation of (mra.dbs)

v2.40 (20.09.2020)

  • changed: GUI completely changed (optically)

v2.30 (30.08.2020)

  • fixed: No need to install redistributable packs anymore
  • fixed: ICQ mdb-databases (Access) can be evaluated again

v2.21 (30.07.2020)

  • updated: internal libraries updated - PeerLab should run more reliable now

v2.20 (13.06.2020)

  • changed: PeerLab is now x64 only
  • changed: PeerLab does not require elevated privileges by default. Elevated is offered on demand.
  • changed: new Kuiper Forensics-logo is used in PeerLab

v2.10 (28.10.2019)

  • enhanced: scanner parses NTFS-filesystem - huge increase of speed!
  • added: last shared-date added to emule-evaluation

v2.04 (31.07.2017)

  • fixed: mounting of images

v2.03 (30.05.2017)

  • changed: logos and icons

v2.02 (25.04.2017)

  • changed: support for Windows XP dropped
  • updated: SQLite 3.8.1 to 3.17.0
  • updated: enclosed PeerLab documentation
  • updated: 26 new application hash-values

v2.01 (06.09.2016)

  • fixed: settings-dialogue would crash without ImDisk installed

v2.00 (19.06.2016)

  • enhanced: scanner (adding found files to case-database) speeded up a lot
  • enhanced: mounting of images more reliable
  • enhanced: mounting of images a lot faster
  • enhanced: dismounting of scanned images speeded up a lot
  • enhanced: license-reminder dialog changed
  • changed: case-management changed completely. Everything is stored in .pldb-files (SQLite-format)
  • changed: libewf (3.4.2016)
  • changed: the case-name is not editable anymore
  • changed: found files are not displayed in caps anoymore
  • added: a crash-reporting tool and crash-handler (improves stability of PeerLab)
  • adeed: peerlab can be restarted after crashing
  • added: pdf-documents can be opened directly after creation
  • added: PeerLab is now bundled with a PDF-viewer which enables to open generated reports and read the instructions-manual
  • added: PeerLab documentation is shipped with peerlab and can be started using the "help"-button
  • added: help-button in main-dialog which opens the PDF-manual
  • fixed: text-label (version-information)
  • fixed: database-contents did not display correct amount of known versions
  • fixed: some charaters of oovoo messages were displayed in wrong encoding
  • fixed: as above for Limewire, Dropbox, GaduGadu (archives.dat)
  • fixed: Bitorrent-filedialog displayed *.met instead of *.torrent
  • fixed: file-selector for GaduGadu displayed archives.db instead of archive.db (using *.* still worked of course)
  • fixed: file-selector sometimes displayed only *.* instead of the file-type (e.g. *.met)
  • fixed: labels in Emule-report were partly wrong
  • fixed: organisation and address were not saved when changed in the config-dialog
  • fixed: empty messages-tab was not displayed properly
  • fixed: freezing of PeerLab when e01-images were imcomplete (missing volumes etc.)
  • fixed: not supported file-systems in e01-images could lead PeerLab to freeze
  • fixed: dd-images without mbr are now scanned correctly

v1.95 (14.12.2015)

  • added: generation of reports in PDF-format
  • updated: ImDisk updated to version 2.0.6
  • fixed: configuration-dialogue of PeerLab crashed when no ImDisk was installed
  • removed: support for Windows XP dropped
  • changed: exporting of reports also possible in demo-version (limited to 20 entries)

v1.90 (08.06.2015)

  • added: batch-processing for GigaTribe-chats
  • added: check for other running instance of PeerLab
  • enhanced: scanner speeded up a lot (more than twice as fast on average)
  • enhanced: result-windows (scanner) are sortable by clicking the column-header
  • changed: messages-window displays newest event as highest entry
  • changed: colours in results-window (alternating in blue)
  • changed: labels changed from 2014 to 2015
  • fixed: wrong dialog was displayed for torrent batch-processing
  • fixed: when generating a report the organization was not checked by default
  • fixed: license-reminder reminded a day too early for license-extension

PeerLab-database update (38 new applications, 206 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (5): Backup and Share Desktop, GreedyTorrent, Hermes, iMesh MP3 Downloader, Media Move
  • Instant Messaging (22): CommFort Client, CoolMessenger 2009 Client, Ekiga, FREO, Frizzby, fTalk, GatherTalk, Gizmo Project, glChat, IM2001, imeem, inSpeak, iOL Messenger, LanToucher Messenger, Mirador Instant Messenger, MirandaX 4 Gamers, Omega Messenger, Ovisoft Messenger, Revelution Messenger, Sonork Messenger, TeamSpeak 2, TeamTalk 4 Client
  • WebDisks (11): BitTorrent Sync, CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3, CloudBerry S3 Explorer PRO, Cloudee Uploader, CrashPlan, DragonDisk, Jottacloud, MEGA, Microsoft Onedrive, Minus Desktop, RapidDrive

v1.80 (30.09.2014)

  • enhanced: adding image-files is now possible via multi-select
  • enhanced: amount of found applications and databases is always displayed (even for 0)
  • enhanced: analysed databases are sorted by index by default
  • changed: messages are now called events
  • changed: config-tab changed from "updates" to "updates+license"
  • changed: demo-limitation for Shareaza (now limited to 20 entries like other databases)
  • changed: in the examination-wizards the button "examine" was changed to "start process"
  • added: support for multiple lic-files
  • updated: imdisk updated to 1.8.0
  • fixed: some labels in application changed from 2013 to 2014
  • fixed: under certain circumstances ed2k-hashes could be wrong for huge files
  • fixed: copying data to clipboard could lead to PeerLab to crash
  • fixed: when overwriting a case also the case-database is now overwritten.
  • fixed: labels in results-windows were sometimes not reset straight away
  • fixed: demo-notice was not completely readable in PeerLab demo
  • fixed: wrong label in limewire-wizard displayed library5.dat instead of fileurns.cache
  • fixed: PeerLab-installer now fully compatible with Windows 8

PeerLab-database update (3 new applications, 7 new application hash-values)I

  • P2P (1): Skyshare Manager
  • Instant Messaging (1): BitTorrent Bleep
  • WebDisks (1): hubiC

v1.71 (16.02.2014)

  • fixed: the "About PeerLab" crashed when running PeerLab with dongle and license-file
  • fixed: label-error in sources-dialog
  • fixed: when creating hashsets writing of hashes failed
  • fixed: when scanning local drives there would be a wrong entry in PeerLab.msg

v1.70 (27.12.2013)

  • added: filesystem-check for scanned drives (not only in images)
  • added: displaying of amount of selected sources
  • enhanced: selection of sources in sources-tab
  • enhanced: results-boxes (scanner) has rasters and the position can be dragged and dropped
  • ehnanced: all evaluation-windows have rasters for better reading
  • enhanced: date + time for various events added to PeerLab-messages
  • enhanced: config-dialog checks for installed version of imdisk and displays it
  • updated: sqlite to 3.8.1
  • updated: Imdisk to 1.7.6
  • updated: libewf to libewf-experimental-20130331
  • updated: ibharu to 2.3.0RC2 (downloaded 29.11.2013)
  • fixed: url-cache for versioninformation cleared before checking for new versions
  • fixed: hash-values were sometimes not displayed (since v1.60)
  • fixed: sources in the sources-window are displayed correctly (not truncated)
  • fixed: amount of files in known.met displayed correctly
  • fixed: label for report-generation was updated
  • fixed: gadugadu archive.db and archives.dat could not always be evaluated
  • fixed: errors could occur when batch-processing torrents to a root-folder (eg. c:\)
  • fixed: some blockhashes were sometimes not calculated correctly
  • fixed: evaluating more than 1 sqlite-db (google drive, dropbox) at a time from the case-file did not always work
  • fixed: evaluating both limewire-dbs from case-file would result in 'invalid argument'
  • fixed: resetting of an applied word-filter for torrent-files did not work
  • fixed: evaluating 2 sqlite-dbs after eachother without close could result in a crash

PeerLab-database update (7 new applications, 84 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (1): Shareaza Pro
  • Instant Messaging (2): Facebook Messenger (inofficial), Naevisu Facebook IM
  • WebDisks (4): 4shared Desktop, COMPUTERBILD Cloud, Copy, FluffyApp

v1.61 (13.10.2013)

  • fixed: update-checker sometimes read date from dongle and not license-file
  • enhanced: list of sources is now scrollable (for long path-names)
  • fixed: peerlab could crash on non-ascii casenames while scanning

PeerLab-database update (8 new applications, 24 new application hash-values)I

  • Instant Messaging (2):, Sada Messenger
  • P2P (4): Bitcasa, Rootnode Live Music Network, Sharezilla,
  • Usenet-Clients (2): Super News Reader, SuperNZB

v1.60 (14.07.2013)

  • added: PeerLab now uses SQLite as case-database to store found files
  • added: mounted images are checked for an interpretable filesystem
  • bugfix: unicode nicknames are displayed correctly in non-batch mode
  • bugfix: unicode nicknames in icq-wizard (messages.qdb)
  • bugfix: kazaa filesizes displayed sometimes incorrectly
  • bugfix: gigatribe times were not always accurately calculated
  • bugfix: icon-flickerung removed (when creating a case)
  • added: user-switching in display-dialog for icq
  • added: user-switching in display-dialog for gadu-gadu
  • added: user-switching in display-dialog for skype
  • added: user-switching in display-dialog for oovoo
  • bugfix: in English version a label was not displayed correctly with eMule
  • bugfix: when using an old version too much update-information was displayed
  • bugfix: label and display-bug in limewire-results
  • bugfix: hashing of files in image (e01, dd) works correctly now
  • enhanced: hashset-matching speeded up a lot for shareaza and limewire
  • bugfix: not accessible directories were sometimes not written to PeerLab.msg
  • added: new tab in config-dialog "audio"
  • added: audio-sounds for notification and errors (see dialog)
  • bugfix: reset messages button was sometimes disabled until restart
  • added: batch-mode for skype, icq
  • enhanced: batch-mode for bittorrent
  • fix: some labels were displayed in English when choosing the German user-interface

v1.50 (22.02.2013)

  • whole project switched to Visual Studio 2012
  • SQlite-library updated to
  • Libewf updated to 20120813
  • ImDisk updated to 1.6.0
  • ZLib updated to 1.2.7
  • libHaru updated to 2.1.0
  • added: version-information is displayed as windowtext
  • fixed: updatecheck fixed for demoversion
  • enhanced: checking for internet-connectivity (faster startup!)
  • bugfix: sources are resetted when closing the case
  • bugfix: in batch-mode (messages.qdb) some characters had wrong formatting
  • added: progress-dialog for icq batch-processing

PeerLab-database update (8 new applications, 24 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (2):, Sada Messenger
  • P2P (4): Bitcasa, Rootnode Live Music Network, Sharezilla,
  • Usenet-Clients (2): Super News Reader, SuperNZB

v1.44 (12.11.2012)
PeerLab-database update (10 new applications, 79 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (1): GameChat Messneger
  • P2P (2): BearShare MP3, BearShare MP3 Downloader
  • WebDisks (7): Box Sync, BuddyBackup, Carbonite Backup, IDrive, MyPC Backup, ownCloud Client, SquirrelSave

v1.43 (27.08.2012)

  • added: evaluation of Google Drive (snapshopdb, sync_config.db)

v1.42 (09.07.2012)

  • fixed: database cleaned from accidently added files (resulted in false-positives while scanning)

v1.41 (01.07.2012)

  • added: word-filter (textfile or manually entered) for evaluated databases

PeerLab-database update (35 new applications, 311 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (8): Ares Plus, BitHost, BitRope Sharing, BitRope Torrents, BitTorrent PRO, SpinXpress2, TorrentRover, WinMX MP3
  • Instant Messaging (7): Brosix Messenger, Buddy2BUddy, ImGiant, J.I.M, Loober, S-IMessenger, Zone Video Chat
  • WebDisks (16): 1&1 Office-Drive Manager, 4Sync, Amazon Cloud Drive, Back2Cloud, BitWay Online Backup, cubby, CX, GDocsDrive, Google Drive, iFolder, Microsoft Skydrive, OpenDrive, SafeCopy, SkyBackups, Trend Micro SafeSync, zuuMedia SmartDrive
  • Usenet-Clients (4): Binary News Reader, Binary News Reaper, Ozum, SBNews

v1.40 (23.05.2012)

  • added: batch-processing for ICQ-databases
  • added: batch-processing for multiple torrent-files

v1.32 (09.04.2012)

  • fixed: Gigatribe date was partly calculated wrongly.
  • changed: Gigatribe chat-module completely reworked (a lot more stable)
  • fixed: Dropbox-wizard sometimes displayed an error: parameter incorrect
  • fixed: some labels were not displayed in the correct language

PeerLab-database update (20 new applications, 67 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (4): BitZilla, Morpheus Games Downloader, oDC, Tappin
  • Instant Messaging (15): Akeni Messenger (Jabber Edition), Buzz IM, Camcolada, Complete Messenger, Dell Video Chat, Jabber Messenger, Jostejoogar Instant Messenger, OpenTalk, RaidCall, Sipear, TryFast Messenger, UrduLink Messenger, World of Chat Messenger, WuWu, XSmessenger
  • Usenet Clients (1): Amipic ShareMaster

v1.31 (05.02.2012)

  • added: evaluation of ooVoo-chat (ChatHistory.db)

PeerLab-database update (2 new applications, 24 new application hash-values)

  • IM (1): Facebook Messenger
  • WebDisks (1): Telekom Mediencenter

v1.30 (11.12.2011)

  • added: evaluation of DropBox-filejournal (filejournal.db, config.db)
  • added: tool for creation of own hashsets, incl. block-hashes
  • fixed: lables in LimeWire-wizard
  • fixed: hashset-matching (LimeWire-evaluation)

PeerLab-database update (23 new applications, 80 new application hash-values)

  • P2P (5): eMule AdunanzA, Scour Exchange, Speedy P2P Movie Finder, Spinfrenzy Xchange, Yo!NK
  • Instant Messaging (13): BigAnt Messenger, BINGOOO, Bopup Messenger, BRAVIS Galaxee 4free, ChatFlow, Exodus, Flashdeli, Microsoft SharedView, Miranda ME, QIP 2012, SideWinder Game Voice Share, TUMessenger, Ventrilo
  • Webdisks (5): DriveOnWeb, iCloud, LiveDrive, TeamDrive, UpdateStar Online Backup

v1.27 (16.10.2011)
PeerLab-database update (2 new applications, 89 new application hash-values)

  • Instant Messaging (2): climm, Jitsi

v1.26 (02.10.2011)

  • added: ICQ-Chats with Facebook-contacts are now also extracted

v1.25 (25.09.2011)

  • fixed: buffer-overflow when evaluating ICQ- or Skype-databases

v1.24 (18.09.2011)

  • fixed: PeerLab crashed on some Windows-system when evaluating SQLite-databases (ICQ, Skype...)

PeerLab-datbase update (16 new applications in 44 versions)

  • P2P (6): BitBeamer, FileRogue, qBittorrent, RShare, Kdrive, Project Neon
  • Instant Messaging (6): DKMessenger, KooKaDoo, Eyeball Chat, IM2, SunnyMedia Client, Mumble
  • Webdisks (3): MailDrop, Mozy, IDriveSync
  • Usenet (1): Mister Pix II

v1.23 (19.08.2011)

  • added: evaluation of Skype-chats (main.db)
  • added: evaluation of gadugadu-chats (archives.dat) - including recovering of deleted messages
  • added: Hashsetmatching for Shareaza-libraries (MD5, SHA1, ed2k)
  • improved: Shareaza-wizard
  • fixed: in v1.22 hashset-matching required uppercase hash-values
  • fixed: path and filename of detected usenet-clients were not displayed
  • added: known.met-evluation (eMule) displays now also amount of uploaded files and hashset-matches
  • added: mount-messages are displayed in message-box

PeerLab-datbase update (6 new applications in 53 versions)

  • Instant Messaging (4): IMVU Avatar Chat Software, Nimbuzz, T-Online Messenger, WEB.DE MultiMessenger
  • P2P (2): VeryCD easyMule, windroplr

v1.22 (25.07.2011)

  • improved: hashset-matching also works now with unsorted lists and discards values of wrong size
  • improved: hashset-matching works faster now

v1.21 (04.07.2011)

  • fixed: with v1.20 the wizard could not find detected files because of changed paths (local disk etc.)

v1.20 (19.06.2011)

  • added: mounting of disk-images (e01, dd). Requires ImDisk (included).
  • added: source of data (image, local disk) is displayed in the scan-results (next to path)
  • added: new config-tab that allows to install ImDisk
  • added: support for lic-files when extending a PeerLab-license
  • changed: clipboard-text (about-dialog) changed to unicode
  • changed: list of known applications (scanner) changed to a scrollable window
  • fixed: label in config-dialog
  • fixed: statistics were not resetted when appending results
  • fixed: under some circumstances sources were not displayed correctly
  • fixed: hashset-matching only worked under certain circumstances
  • fixed: with certain settings in the config-dialog a temp-file was created

PeerLab-database update (53 new applications in 140 versions)

  • Webdisks (4): ASUS Webstorage, CloudDrive, Super Flexible File Synchronizer, synables desktop SE
  • Usenet (24): aEton CommunicaEtor, aEton Usenet Wizard, Android Newsgroup Downloader, Another File, AutoPix, Binary Boy, BinaryVortex, BinTube Usenet Reader Pro, DreamLoad, g3NewsIT, GEEMANs UseNet Browser, HelloNzb, iLoad, JBinUp, MesNews, MP3 Grouppie, News File Grabber, Newsflash, Newsgroup Commander Pro, Noworyta News Reader, Sponge, TLNews Newsreader, UltraLeecher, XanaNews
  • IM (14): AYTMM, Collanos Workplace, CSpace, FIMTalk, Globe7, HLSW, Nimbuzz, PowWow, QuteCom, Raketu, T-Online Messenger, TeamSpeak 3 Client, Vovox, WEB.DE MultiMessenger
  • P2P (11): BitThief, FileSeeker, Koala DC, Luke, Memeo Share, p300, Shifty, SockeToome, SoMud, Taifun File Share, zButterfly

v1.13 (04.04.2011)

  • added: extended version-information will be downloaded in future releases (can be disabled in the configuration)
  • added: paths are now truncated in the middle so one can see that scanning is still in progress
  • added: PeerLab can be minimized to tray by default (for background-jobs)
  • changed: the language-tab in the configuration-menu is changed to "User-Interface"

PeerLab-database update (2 new applications in 38 version)

  • Instant Messaging (1): Icu2
  • WebDisks (1): Sugarsync

v1.12 (21.02.2011)

  • added: evaluation of Gadu-Gadu chat-database Archive.db
  • added: ICQ - local username can be changed
  • fixed: ICQ - messages are now displayed in unicode

PeerLab-database update (14 new applications in 34 versions)

  • "Instant Messaging" (14):
    aMSN, BitWise, Citron IM, Easy Message, Gamers Own Instant Messenger, Intan-t, IntraMessenger, miniaim, MiPhone, Qnext, Smooch, SpeedyMSN, Windows Messenger, Windows NetMeeting

v1.11 (16.01.2011)

  • added: support for known.met-files from eMule v0.50
  • fixed: wrong upload-size displayed for file-transfers larger than 2^32 byte (approx. 4 GB)

PeerLab-database update (25 new applications in 36 versions)

  • "Instant Messaging" (25):
    ACHat, Alibaba Trademanager, Digsby, Dixipe, Gizmo5, GMX MultiMessenger, goober Messenger, Instantbird, JoPop, MirandaFusion, MySpaceIM, ooVoo, Psi, QIP 2005, qutIM, sim, SourceTec Messenger, TeamTalk, TorChat, WengoPhone, Windows Live Messenger, WinSent Messenger, Wippien, Xfire, ZooskMessenger

v1.10 (22.11.2010)

  • added: evaluation of ICQ-database messages.mdb
  • added: evaluation of ICQ-database messages.qdb
  • added: evaluation of GigaTribe-chat chathistory_*.dat
  • added: export of database-evaluation to Excel-sheets (.xls)
  • fixed: eMule-evaluation could crash on some known.met-files

PeerLab-database update (13 new applications in 96 versions)

  • "Instant Messaging" (12):
    Chit Chat for Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, Lotus Sametime, Agent, Marvin Jabber Client, OpenICQ, Paltalk Messenger, QQ International, tavmsn, Trillian Astra Pro, VZOchat, ysmICQ
  • WebDisks (1):
    STRATO HiDrive

v1.05 (07.11.2010)

  • fixed: configuration-dialogue file-paths were not stored correctly
  • added: evaluation of Shareaza library1.dat / library2.dat

PeerLab-database update (new category "Instant Messaging": 19 applications in 393 versions)

  • Instant Messaging (19):
    &RQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Camfrog, Gaim, Google Talk, ICQ, ICQ Lite, Jabbin, Miranda IM, MSN Messenger, Pandion, Pidgin, QIP 2010, QIP Infinum, Skype, TerraIM, Trillian, XIMA, Yahoo Messenger

v1.04 (09.08.2010)

  • completely reworked configuration-dialog
  • added: the location of hashsets can be defined in the configuration-dialog
  • added: resources-window with possibilty to delete a selected resource
  • added: amount of matching hash-values displayed after hashset-matching
  • fixed: CSV export-path

PeerLab-database update (77 new applications in 359 versions)

  • new P2P-applications (76):
    Ares Destiny, Ares Galaxy Professional, Ares Torrent Downloader, BearShare Music, BearShare Turbo, Bit Che, BitComet Turbo, BitHit, BitRope P2P, bitShare, BitTorrent MP3, BTGetit, CitrixWire, EasyTorrent, eBit Personal, eChanblard, Emerald P2P, Emscher, eMule Future, eMule hebMule, eMule Pawcio, eMule SharkX, Entertainment World Downloads, File Sharing Wizard, FilePipe P2P, Gazzera, Gnutella Turbo, GnutellaWire, K-Lite, K-LitePro, Kazaa Light Resurrection, KiBi-Share, Kommute, LimeSharePro, LimeWire MP3, LuckyWire, Mastermax, MetaDonkey, Meteor Share, Moonlight Torrent, Morpheus Music, Morpheus Premium, MP3Torpedo, Offload, P2P Posse, P2P Rocket, P2P Share Spy, PeerFolders, Phosphor, Piolet, RainKaZaA, Rapidme, RocketTorrents, Ruby P2P Outbreak, Sapphire P2P Rush, ShareDix, ShareGhost, ShareIT, Sharest, Sharetastic, Sharin'Hood, SimpleBT, SkyDownloader, SmVDC++, StarMule, StulleMule, Swapper.NET, Tirminal, Tixati, Torrent Captor, Torrent Monster, Trilix, TruxShare, XanTorrent, XCaramba, ZPoC
  • new WebDisks (1):

v1.03 (08.06.2010)

  • found databases (e.g. known.met, library.db) can be selected using a pulldown-menu in the database-wizard
  • new field added to known.met evaluation: sharing-time (kad posting - last written)
  • bug fixed which could cause PeerLab to crash on some torrent-files
  • writing of PeerLab-cases speeded up a lot
  • button "copy to clipboard" (license-data) added to about-dialog
  • index-number + filesize added to scanner-results ("Applications" and "Databases...")
  • hash-values added to scanner-results ("Databases...")
  • font changed for the scanner-window so the results are displayed in unicode
  • EULA updated
  • default export-path for csv-files changed from found database-location to cases-path

PeerLab-database update (34 new applications in 512 versions)

  • new P2P-applications (30):
    Anomos, Aria2, Bit Fire, Capster, Cosmo P2P, Dehinter, FunToosh, Gimme P2P, Gnuminous, Gnutella, iMP3Tunes, Java Open Direct Connect, JavaABC, JPartialDownloader, KosmoSol Distributed Desktop Search, LeechCraft, MuWire, NetShare, Nova, Open Direct Connect, OpenOasis, Parrot BitTorrent Client, Rapid Connect, RSX++, Schnap, sharkTorrent, Suicide, Tis Another Newtella Klient, Torrent Searcher SA, Torrent Torque
  • new Usenet-Clients (3):
    FastNZB, nget, ngetlite
  • new Webdisk (1):
    Novell iFolder

v1.02 (07.05.2010)

  • fix: miscellaneous files were not resetted (displayed and in plc-file)
  • filesizes are not converted anymore (to mb, gb...) -> further processing easier
  • new column added to emule-evaluation: amount of network requests
  • new column added to emule-evaluation: amount of accepted network requests
  • new column added to emule-evaluation: last posting-date (kad-network)
  • new field added to emule-evaluation: amount of stored files according to known.met
  • new field added to emule-evaluation: amount of files found in known.met (crosschecked with previous value)
  • parsing of emule speeded up
  • online version-check (can be disabled in config-dialog)

v1.01 (25.04.2010)

  • fix: locked files could let PeerLab crash
  • new: locked files are shown in the messages-window
  • scanner speeded up a lot

v1.00 (21.04.2010)

  • initial release
(c) 2020 Kuiper Forensics